1) What time do we set everything up? 
This all depends on what time the venue lets us into the room, however our aim is to be there is no later than 10:00. 
2) How long does it take to set everything up? 
We need no longer than 45 minutes to make sure everything is ready for you. 
3) When do you come back to collect everything? 
We would either come back later that evening after midnight or come back and collect everything the following morning. 
4) What is included when hiring the Magic Selfie Mirror? 
Unlimited prints for you and your guests, USB with all your photos on, red carpet and ropes, props, managed by Nick or Anthony on your event, animated features on the mirror. 
5) How many glasses does the Prosecco wall hold? 
6) How large are the Mr and Mrs Letters? 
We have 3ft and also 4ft 
7) How large are the Love Letters? 
We have 3ft and 4ft 
8) What sweets do we get with the sweet cart and do we get bags and scoops. 
We try to tailor the colour of the sweets to your wedding colours and are guided by yourself of what you would like. We do provide bags and scoops with the cart. 
9) If my wedding get cancelled and has to be changed due to Covid19, is there a penalty? 
No, we would change your date over providing the date is available at no charge. 
10) On your donut package you offer 60 and 90, is there an option to have more? 
Yes there is, you can have as many as you like, we would just price accordingly. 
11) What area do you cover? 
We cover the whole of the North West. We will cover areas outside the North West however we will add on travel expenses. 
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